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Trend Alert: Statement Plants

0|posted by Freedom New Zealand

“2014 was all about those small scale terrariums packed with succulents and ferns. This year, it’s all about going BIG with plants in your home.”

Houseplants are the ultimate home accessory, adding color, energy and fresh air to any space.


One statement plant that is getting it’s share of coverage on the web is the fiddle leaf fig tree, with it’s big round leaves the fiddle leaf fig tree teamed up with the perfect planter or basket makes just the right statement bringing life to your space. For those of us not blessed with green fingers, Freedom has it covered with our fiddle leaf foliage.

Fiddle leaf trees are easy to take care of if you know what you’re doing. Keep your fiddle leaf fig tree in a pot barely bigger than it’s root ball and give it indirect light. It likes humidity but not to be drenched.

Light Requirements: Indirect sunlight
Water Requirements: Let the surface of the soil dry out before watering.

Water once a week.


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