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0|posted by Freedom New Zealand

Freedom Furniture is very proud announced that it has formed a partnership with Bellyful, an initiative that will provide much-needed support to the volunteer-driven charity.

Established in 2009, Bellyful is a service that provides meals to families with newborn babies, as well as families with young children who are dealing with illness, particularly those lacking a good support network.

With 21 branches spread across the country from Auckland to Invercargill, Bellyful supports Kiwi families who don’t have others available to do what it does – cook and deliver free meals.

Freedom has launched a limited edition capsule collection (including a mug, water bottle and tea towels) designed by Sydney-based design studio Blacklist, where all proceeds from product sales will be donated to Bellyful.

This collection will be available across Freedom’s 15 stores throughout New Zealand, telling the Bellyful story and encouraging its customers to donate to the cause.

Debbie Ridling, Managing Director of Freedom Furniture NZ, is thrilled to partner with Bellyful and hopes that with Freedom’s support, the charity will fulfil its vision of providing a Bellyful branch in reach of every Kiwi family who needs it.

Jennie Wyllie, Bellyful Trustee, says that every dollar raised will go directly towards the Bellyful goal of having a branch within reach of every New Zealander that needs it and providing practical support in the form of cooked meals.

“In 2015, Bellyful delivered 17,000 meals to 3,500 families, and with Freedom’s support our goal is to deliver 25,500 meals to 5,250 families in 2019. We are incredibly excited about partnering with Freedom, as the funds raised through its efforts will make a huge impact to thousands of families.

“The first few months with a newborn can be hard – and that’s before adding other children or career demands to the mix. Having a few meals delivered by a friendly face can be a real sanity-saver,” says

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