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The brighter days and longer nights means we are spending more time enjoying the garden and outdoor space, but is your outdoor space as welcoming and relaxing as you would like it? If it isn’t, you might want to check out these glass extension ideas!

With the season of outdoor entertaining almost upon us, it’s time to give that back yard or entertaining space a little tidy up and refresh, ready for you to enjoy.


In a small backyard or patio, make full use of a corner space and create a cosy nook with a couple of chairs and small table. Up the cosy factor further by scattering a few outdoor cushions and wool blankets for guests to wrap around their shoulders if it gets chilly. Stack up blankets in oversized baskets for easy reach when needed, or alternatively you could get a garden storage box and you’ll be able to use it for much more than just blankets.



#1 Lois Cushion 50x50cm in Silver Birch $44.95 #2 Piped Cushion 50x50cm in Waterfall $44.95 #3 Posie Cushion 50x50cm in Blue $44.95 #4 Piped Button Cushion 50x50cm in Harbour $54.95 #5 Tropicana Cushion 50x50cm in Multi $44.95 #6 Colada Cushion 50x50cm in Charcoal $44.95 #7 Fred Flamingo Cushion 50x50cm in Pink $44.95 #8 Piped Cushion 50x50cm in Pink Lemonade $44.95 #9 Nila Cushion 50x50cm in Blue $44.95


Ensure the ambience remains warm and inviting outside even when the sun goes down by draping lights and hanging lanterns from tree branches or a fence, set a trio of hurricane lanterns of varying heights in a corner.


#1 Reeves Lantern Jumbo in Natural $109 #2 Jem Lantern in Clear $69.95 #3 Hampstead Lantern 18.5cm in Harbour $27.95 #4 Laia Lantern 34cm in Reef $74.95 #5 Leilani Lantern 24.5cm in White $44.95 #6 Alondra Lantern in Natural/White $39.95

Dress your deck or patio with a scattering of potted plants to soften and keep it fresh. when ready to entertain set the dining with some fresh potted herbs.



#1 Foliage Echeveria Mix Bowl 25cm Selected Stores Potted in Selected Stores White $419 #2 Caliente Hanging Planter 15cm in Gold Colour $39.95 #3 Caliente Planter Large in Gold Colour $54.95 #4 Sabine Planter Large in White $64.95 #5 Origami Planter Large in White $44.95 #6 Foliage Sanseveria Large Green Potted in Green $159

Your outdoor space should be treated as an extension of your home and so the style you choose for it will naturally reflect that seen indoors too. Creating separate functional zones in your yard or garden will make the space infinitely more useable, seem larger and make you actually want to spend more time outside enjoying it – because that’s the whole point isn’t it? Hello, Summer!

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