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Raw Cacao & Hazelnut Truffles by Country Kitchen Blog

2|posted by Freedom New Zealand

The world has become a little crazy for raw food, the extra enzymes you get from eating raw food is not the only reason for eating it.

Hannah Jack from Country Kitchen Blog has a passion for wholefoods, nature and home-grown produce. Hannah’s recipe for Raw Cacao and Hazelnut Truffles is a raw food lover’s treat! Perfect for instantly suppressing a sweet tooth, keeping the kids happy when hungry before dinner, making a great lunch box filler and a nice treat to have for when guests come. Better yet is that these rich little velvet balls are made with super foods that make them super healthy.


Pop over to Country Kitchen Blog for the Raw Cacao and Hazelnut Truffles recipe and so many more delicious healthy living inspiration.

Counrty Kitchen Raw Cacao Truffels





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