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Mummy Bloggers Top 5 Gifts for Mothers Day

16|posted by Freedom New Zealand

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to think of ways to make Mum feel special. In all honesty, I think the majority of mothers would be happy with this product at Jacobs The Jeweller. Who doesn’t love a new piece of jewellery to add to their collection? We asked 3 of our favourite bloggers to share a little of what they love about being a Mum, their best Mothers Day memories, a few adorable Q&A’s from their children and of course what their Top 5 products are from Freedom for a perfect gift idea this Mother’s Day.

To all the Mum’s, we’d love to hear what your favourite thing about Mothers Day is, what traditions you keep each year and if you get a little something from Freedom this year, we’d love to see how you style it in your home. Tag @freedom_nz #stylebyfreedom in your photos on Instagram and we will share our favourites.



+ We love how Aimee from My Beloved Style has styled her Copper Metro Table Lamp in her calm and relaxing bedroom.



About me: I am a mum of 2 girls and work full time in a corporate job in Aucklands CBD as well as write & create for my blog MyBelovedStyle. In my spare time I love gardening, photography & DIY projects and also have a real passion for interior styling. I dislike housework especially laundry, weeds, running late and peak hour traffic. My husband and I have been slowly renovating our home over that last 5+ years and are nearly done YAY!

Q&A for Mum
What was the most surprising thing about being a mum?
The amount of love you instantly feel when you meet your babies for the first time and that you eventually get used too living on very little sleep (coffee is my friend!)

Best lesson your mum taught you?
How to cook and the importance of putting yourself first sometimes, especially once you have children.

What is your perfect breakfast in bed?
Coffee, bagels and more coffee

Your best memory of making your mum breakfast in bed or a homemade gift for Mothers Day?
Making little menus on cardboard that offered, toast, toast or toast as that was all that I could make.

Fill the blank: This Mothers Day I want………
To have coffee and bagels for breakfast, homemade cards & fresh flowers then spend the day with my family, maybe a walk at Bethells Beach if the weather is good, and no housework

Q&A from Aimee’s children
Name & age-
Heidi 6 & Saskia 3.5

If you could be an animal which would you choose and why?
Heidi – a kiwi because they are a native bird and I like them because they are cool & soooo cute
Saskia – an owl because I like them and I have seen them (appropriate as she is a always awake at night haha!)

What animal would your mum be?
Heidi – Mum would be a tiger because it is her favourite animal
Saskia – Mummy would be a horse because she likes to take photos of them

What is your favourite dinner your Mum makes?
Heidi – Chicken burgers or chicken wraps
Saskia – Wraps with lettuce

What makes your Mum happy?
Heidi – having hugs with us, taking photos and playing games with us
Saskia – when we are nice to each other and kind to each other, cuddles



#1 Connor Vessel 17cm in Lagoon $34.95 #2 Sunburst Deco Bowl 26cm in White $49.95 #3 Nevada Bath Towel 69x139cm in Multi $29.95 #4 Halo Table Lamp in Glass $129 #5 Retro Chair in Lido Teal $599



About me: My name is Hannah Whitehead and I am a 21 year old blogger and graphic designer based in Whangarei, New Zealand. I am currently working full time from home while raising our 5 month old daughter Frankie. I have a massive passion for scandinavian homewares and children’s clothing and love spending time sourcing new products to share with the NZ market!

What was the most surprising thing about being a mum?

The term ‘sleepless nights’ was thrown around a lot while I was pregnant but learning the true meaning of this after Frankie was born was a huge surprise! Also the love that you feel for your child is incredible, it is something that you cannot prepare anyone for!

Best lesson your mum taught you?
If you don’t have something nice to say don’t say it at all! Sometimes biting your tongue is your best bet!

What is your perfect breakfast in bed?
I am a massive sweet tooth so am dreaming of berry crapes!

Your best memory of making your mum breakfast in bed or a homemade gift for mothers day? When my brother and I were young we use to try and cook breakfast ourselves, key word being try haha! I think there were multiple Mother’s Days were burnt toast and cold tea was served – I think it was more the thought that counted!

Fill the blank: This mothers day I want a big cuddle from my little girl. As much as I love beautiful gifts there is nothing better than that!



#1 Duo Cheese Board 38cm in Natural $49.95 #2 Luxe Soap Dish in Marble White $24.95 #3 Raffaelle Vessel 29.5cm in Mud $19.95 #4 Canterbury Rocking Chair in Wax Lacquer $149 #5 Foliage Fiddle Leaf Stem 62cm in Green $16.95


bubbalino profile pic style by freedom

About me: I am a stay at home Mama to three delightful littles. Around that precious responsibility, I run The Bubbalino Kitchen – my blog and online happy place, a now sought-after resource for family friendly meal ideas and delicious sweet treats.

My blog is also a showcase of my children’s birthday parties + other hosted events, a place where I review products I am passionate about {food, clothing, beauty products & child related paraphernalia}, spread the word on a favourite new cafe or market, and get honest about my parenting pitfalls & share celebration of the winning moments too!

I blog because I love to write, I delight in spending time in my kitchen and sharing all that I learn along the way. Because I am passionate about everyday people achieving everyday deliciousness in their own home using supermarket standard ingredients and doing as much aspossible from scratch, I encourage my readers to get excited about creating good food for their loved ones.

being a mum?What was the most surprising thing about I always knew I wanted children and dreamed about the day I’d be a mum. I think it’s pretty cliché, but I never realised just how much love I would have for these little people that we made from love and that I grew inside my body.

Best lesson your mum taught you?
To always look at the bright side, and that garlic fixes everything.
What is your perfect breakfast in bed?
Eggs Benedict – with perfectly poached eggs and way too much bacon!

Your best memory of making your mum breakfast in bed or a homemade gift for Mothers Day?
Isn’t that funny, I know that every year we did something but not one time stands out. I know we made cards every year and gave her breakfast in bed but since becoming a mother myself, my mind has turned to mush.

Fill the blank: This Mothers Day I want……… to spend the day doing something nice with my family, children playing nicely, husband not refereeing would be a bonus. A gift wouldn’t go amiss either.

Q&A from Vanessa’s daughter Tahlia aged 6

If you could be an animal which would you choose and why? I would like to be an elephant because they have floppy ears.

What animal would your mum be? A giraffe. Because they have long necks and can reach trees.

What is your favourite dinner your Mum makes? Burritos and pumpkin soup.

What makes your Mum happy? When I’m playing nicely with my brother

Q&A from Vanessa’s son Aston, 4

If you could be an animal which would you choose and why? Tiger, because he eats people. And I’d like to eat people.

What animal would your mum be? A cow, because she likes mooing.

What is your favourite dinner your Mum makes? Burritos.

What makes your Mum happy? Tickling me until snot comes out my nose



#1 Pendulum Mirror 75cm in Black $299 #2 Tempo Clock 41cm in Chrome White $59.95 #3 Ecoya Maddison Jar 400g in Coconut/Elderflower $49.95 #4 Jones Throw 130x150cm in Grey $99 #5 Jax Basket 37cm in Copper Colour $39.95

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