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HOW TO VIDEO- How to Arrange Artificial Flowers Like a Pro

0|posted by Freedom New Zealand

If you’re used to working with fresh flowers, it may take some practice to get the hang of working with artificial flowers instead. The basic elements of arranging, however, remain the same whether choosing to work with fresh or artificial flowers.

Take a look at this easy step-by-step tutorial on how to to create a beautiful artificial flowers arrangement, perfect for an inspirational centrepiece and brighten up your home.

At Freedom we offer a large range of artificial flowers, plants and foliage to help bring your home to life, offering that stunning natural look without the hassle of up keep, you can bring a floral detail to your home and enjoy it for years to come.


#1 Foliage Grand Magnolia Stem 76cm in White $49.95 & Tuileries Vase 23cm $34.95 #2 Foliage Flocked Sage Bush 28cm in Core $16.95 & Delphine Vase 13cm in Clear $19.95 #3 Foliage Lilac Spray 85cm in White $19.95 & Bulb Vase 23cm in Clear $44.95 #4 Foliage Monsteria Leaf 85cm in Green $19.95 & Claude Vase 50cm $69.95 #5 Foliage Shikiba Branch 86cm in Green $16.95 & Cape Vase 23cm $34.95

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