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How To Inspiration


0|posted by Freedom New Zealand

Your kids are just getting back on track with school, but their bedrooms are still on vacation mode and the space needs a little help getting study-ready.

Here are a few tips to help create a homework nook your kids will actually want to spend time in.

Petite Desk 75x45cm in White $199 & Petite Chair in White $99

Hang it

Set up a corkboard or pegboard behind the desk to hang important papers and calendars so your kids can visualize what they need to get done and when.

Light It

Make sure your child has a desk lamp. Relying on an overhead light to do homework can put stress on their eyes.

Stock It

Study materials for home are sometimes different from what’s needed at school. Keep a stash of notecards for flashcards, extra notebooks, and markers to enhance home studying.

Time It

Add a clock to the homework space. When kids are old enough to do homework on their own a clock creates the opportunity to encourage a designated work period after school.


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#1 Raglan Storage Unit 2 Cube in Matte Black $99 #2 Zox Table Lamp $54.95 #3 Scholar Mobile File in Metal White/Grey $129 #4 Button Wall Hook Large in Ash $17.95 #5 Keats MK II Bookcase in Natural $1149 #6 Brandon Office Chair in White $159 #7 Chandler Wastepaper Bin 30cm in Blue $24.95


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